“My experience of CEMVO as an Organisation and Fiaz, Farah, Oumar and Michael is that nothing is ever “too big an ask.” They have a job to do, yet it always feels like they go the extra mile by giving time, space, patience, and knowledge to ensure that EDI is understood and dispersed so the ethos and delivery can be embedded into our Organisation. Their passion and dignity is inspiring.! – Thank you!”

We know that the voluntary sector is by no means exempt from the critical task of eradicating institutional racism, and CEMVO’s race equality training is Engage’s first commitment to better understanding and supporting our minority ethnic communities. The data, explanations and insights were much valued by all our attendees and I would highly recommend this essential and relevant training.

Karen McIntyre, Community & Partnership Manager, Engage Renfrewshire

I recently attended a training session on Race Equality training for Renfrewshire groups/networks facilitated by CEMVO. I thoroughly enjoyed this session. The local and national information that was used during the session gave me a much more detailed overview of the makeup of the Scottish Population; how that has changed, and how we must be much more aware of and reflect the diversity of modern Scotland in what we do, and how we finance and run our public and voluntary services

Stuart Miller, Community Capacity Development Officer, Engage Renfrewshire

CEMVO Scotland assisted Make a Difference in becoming a charity. The team was professional in its approach and supported us to define our aims and objectives so that we were clear what we proposed to do as a charity.

We were impressed with the support as the team worked with us to ensure that we were able to meet the charitable purposes as defined by OSCR and dealing with follow up information required by OSCR in order for Make a Difference to become a charity.

Nasir Jaffri – Chairperson

I would like to thank CEMVO for assisting AWAZFM Charity to formalise its ideas and develop a plan of activity. We found using the KETSO was very helpful in generating ideas and allowing all participants an opportunity to contribute.

The CEMVO training team created an environment where all participants felt comfortable but importantly they felt they were being listened too.

The session was delivered very professionally and we look forward to follow up session/s.

Rizwan Ahmed, Climate Change Manager

West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC) is very pleased to endorse CEMVO in relation to business support and planning. Last year CEMVO was engaged by WSREC to provide facilitation to put in place a 5 year business plan. Staff from CEMVO utilised the KETSO Model to take WSREC Board of Directors and Staff through this model which culminated in WSREC gathering the information required and now have a robust 5 year business plan in place.

Mohammed Razaq, Executive Director

The session was delivered very professionally and we look forward to follow up session/s.