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CEMVO Enterprises CIC has a wealth of experience and expertise in all areas relating to race equality, community and organisational development, leadership and social change.

We have the enviable position of having an extensive network of ethnic minority organisations throughout Scotland that enable us to work across all sectors to deliver tailored work programmes, policy development, research, training, consultations, business support, and  community engagement.

Our wide ranging services include:

  • Tailored training, including race equality, environment and social enterprise

  • Leadership development

  • Organisational development & facilitation

  • Race Equality consultancy & audits

  • Funding support

  • Charity set up & registration

  • Research

  • ICT support

  • Room hire

As a subsidiary of a leading and reputable race equality organisation in Scotland, CEMVO Enterprises offers expertise and solutions to the many challenges that organisations face in addressing racial inequality.

So contact us now, and find out what solutions that we are able to offer you.