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The Race Equality Work based Learning course is a light touch, user friendly and interactive online learning tool with audio narration that has been designed for all levels of staff within an organisation.  

This course can be utilised as part of staff induction, as an equalities refresher course for existing staff, or for general race-equality awareness raising within an organisation.  

The topics covered include the following:  

  • The demographic makeup of Scotland’s ethnic minority population. 
  • Issues affecting ethnic minority communities in contemporary Scotland. 
  • How to develop and utilise knowledge of the ethnic minority population to better engage with diverse communities  
  • Exploring the differences between Equity and Equality when shifting to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work. 
  • What makes a proactive organisation in relation to Race Equality work. 
  • Exploring Direct and Indirect, Lawful and Unlawful Discrimination 
  • Understanding the legislative and policy landscape for Race/ Equalities so as to help inform organisational policy development.  

This course allows individuals to work at their own pace, take notes, and reflect; requiring the completion of a short test at the end of each section. 

It is estimated that the course will take 30-40 minutes to complete with the award of a signed certificate upon completion.  

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