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CEMVO Scotland has been looking at opportunities since 2015 to develop an international portfolio. Hence the reason why we setup our enterprise company [CEMVO Enterprises CIC]. Since 2016 we have developed close relationships with some key organisations in Pakistan such as the Institute of Rural Management a subsidiary of National Rural Support programme of Pakistan. In 2019 we hosted a delegation from Pakistan made up of senior staff and CEO’s for the National Rural  Support  and CEO of IRM. This opportunity allowed individuals on the delegation to meet with:

  • University West of Scotland

  • Scottish Government – Pakistan Team

  • Glasgow City Council

  • Dell

  • Pakistani Diaspora business community

One of the aims of the visit was to allow a closer working relationship with key players in Scotland with one of the largest support programmes in Pakistan. This also led to development of number of proposals that were developed under:  USAID & British Aid

Focussing on young women and new technology with element of enterprise support and entrepreneurship programme targeting young people and graduates.