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Capacity Building

Capacity building is the development of an organisation’s core skills and capabilities. Under capacity building, we provide two types of support (General Development Support or Bespoke Support) to improve your organisation. Both types of support will help you develop your organisation’s structures, systems, people and skills in order to deliver against effective business strategies.  The difference is the hands on you need us to be!

General Development Support

This is for organisations that require help and advice on any aspect of their organisation, such as governance, people management, IT or race equality, the support is likely to be in the form of a series of meetings.  The onus for implementation is on the organisation.

Bespoke Support

This is to develop the organisations core skills and capabilities.  This strand is for organisation’s that require ‘hands on’ support that is tailored for them.  This can be in areas such as developing good governance practice, policies and procedures, human resources policies and procedures, business planning support.

We work with you over an agreed period of time, ranging from 3-12 months.  After an initial meeting and analysis to identify the issues, an agreed action plan is created to address the issues and gain the insights, knowledge and experience needed to solve problems and implement change.

Please call us on 0141 248 4830 to discuss your specific requirements

Past Community Capacity Building Events